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For what are you going to use the program?
  • well I thought I would use it for leisure and perhaps to tell my buddies what a great game this is, but who knows ? i will only know if you let me play

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have used magic ball 2 before but it was for long time ago and i really missed that times so i decided to re download this game again and play it


Magic Ball is an addictive 3D style block-breaking PC game with physics simulations, developed by Alawar Entertaintment. This is a modern arcade game; you are a little device sliding back and forth to bounce a moving ball at the 3D objects in front of you. The objective of this puzzle is to shatter all the bricks in a level using balls, but not everything gets crushed in a single blow, you will need to hit the objects multiple times. Magic Ball follows other games in the genre, with power-ups and power-downs falling from pieces of the level which are broken up by the player.

These power-ups add variety to the gameplay, making your “device” longer or spawning more balls for you. Besides, you can use weapons like a Machine gun or a Bazooka to increase your destructive power. There are some power-ups which affect the whole stage, called Weather Effects. These effects can blow the ball in any direction, making it harder to catch, or make the stage dark and slightly harder to see.

How to play

With this free download you will be able to play this puzzle the way you want. In Magic Ball there are 150 levels divided in two worlds. The “Pirate” world is decorated with sharks, palm trees and chimps while the “Knights” world is full of horses, castles, princesses…and knights, of course! Besides, you are free to play different game modes such as single player, competitive multi-player and cooperative multi-player (local and online available).

Magic Ball’s objective is simple: players just need to destroy all the bricks of the level using a wide variety of balls. In each level you can earn extra points if you break all bricks in a few moves, and they will be helpful to increase your level. These extra bonuses can be good or bad, it depends on the level.

Magic Ball 3 Features

Here you can see the features of this PC Puzzle:

  • Power-ups and power-downs: smash through everything with your “Iron ball” or improve your reflexes trying to catch the “Crazy ball”.
  • Weapons: balls are alright, but a Bazooka can be useful.
  • Weather effects: earthquakes, lighting and wind will test your skills.
  • Magic Ball's worlds: you can destroy castles in “Knights” world or sink ships in “Pirates”.
  • Three different modes: single player, competitive multiplayer and cooperative.
  • Custom soundtrack: smash everything while you listen to your favorite band!

If you need more information about Magic Ball, feel free to visit developer’s site

System Requirements

The minimum requirements to download and play this PC game are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 or higher
  • Processor: P-300
  • Memory: 64 MB RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 5 MB
  • Video: 16 MB compatible Direct3D video card and DirectX version: 8.0


Magic Ball is a simple puzzle that is fun to play. It’s not incredibly long and there’s no story to speak of, but you can enjoy smashing 3D objects throughout its 150 levels and challenge your friends in a competitive gameplay. If you like block-breaking games, this should be an easy decision.

    • Once you download it, you can’t stop playing. Highly addictive.
    • Variety of power-ups and weapons
    • Custom soundtrack
    • Cooperative and competitive modes
    • Three different modes
    • Online mode uses same maps as Single player mode
    • Levels are usually too easy