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  • personal use only no commercial gain I have files Id like to continue to play so I could enjoy them always every time every day Thank you so


All To MP3 Converter is an audio tool that converts your files in MP3. With this download, you will be able to change the format of any document you want without moving from your Windows Explorer since it is integrated in the Operating System. For that reason, it could be a practical option to use as you do not need to run an independent program while you are working on your PC.

All To MP3 Converter can easily turn your files format, like WAV or CDA, for example, into MP3 with just one click. Although it does not have the opportunity of converting multiple files at the same time as it does not have interface itself, it could be a simple option for users who don’t want to deal with audio software with customized settings. All to MP3 Converter runs very well for its purpose, you do not need any additional software, the only thing you don’t have with this program is the possibility of editing its configuration.

How to use this audio converter

All To MP3 Converter is very easy to use software; with only two clicks you can select your music and convert its format. You only have to open the Windows Explorer, select your music from your library and then right-click in the option ‘’Convert to MP3’’. With this download, you can convert almost all popular files formats like WMA, WAV, APE, OGG and CDA to MP3. With this tool, listening to music will be simple and a good way of saving your system resources with one single media player to listen to all your music, without running multiple programs that reproduce each file type.

Besides, All to MP3 Converter doesn’t create temporal files, so your computer will run better than with other similar programs. It is a practical application for its simplicity and its integration in the Windows Explorer. All to MP3 Converter can modify the format of all your music so you can listen to any file in the MP3 portable player you want.

All To MP3 Converter 3.3 Features

Below you can read the unique features that you will find when you install All to MP3 Converter:

  • It can convert your files from a wide variety of formats : WMA, OGG, PCM, WAV or CDA
  • Integrated in Windows Explorer
  • You are free to change your files format by a right-click of your mouse
  • Tag editor included to classify your tracks by artist, genre, lyrics or name: you just need to tag every song on your library and find them more quickly
  • It does not consume your PC resources

If you want to know more about this software, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System requirements

Below you can find the minimum system requirements that you need to bear in mind before starting the download of All to MP3 Converter:

  • Operating System: Windows 95 or higher
  • Processor: Pentium 400 MHz or higher
  • Hard disk space: 10MB of free space available
  • CD-ROM drive