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Kodak EasyShare 8.3.0

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Enhance, Share, and Organize Photos In a Very Easy Way

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 8, 2014

People always say creativity lies in every human which I firmly believe as true. But having applications or tools that would enhance our creativity is a blessing to consider which I saw in Kodak easyshare. Pictures are considered gems for people like me who likes treasuring every moment. And I find Kodak Easyshare my best partner in making these treasures worth keeping.

What I love about this application is that it makes me edit and organize my photos with the most comfortable way. Organize in a sense that I could just simply click the date of my calendar and the photos taken on that date will immediately display. It also provides me a great help of making my digital photos to something that is so creative and wonderful before printing it out. I can enhance photos’ color and crop it to the size I want. What I usually give during birthdays as gift to my friends are personalized photo albums and I can say that this tool is easy and fun to use. Sharing of photos through different sites is also easy.

I highly recommend this to everyone who wants to organize their photos. This would be a great help for you guys!


  • Can edit pictures the simplest way
  • Great application to organize photos


  • It has limited tools for editing
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • this si the best program i ever used for fixxing my family photos it is easy to use and kodak products are always a blessing thank you joel

  • transfer and organize pictures on my laptop computers running windows 10 and with lots of memory in addition to memory sitcks for cache back

  • Home use printing my own and family memorable moments. I will also print passport photos for walling and as reminder ofnallvthose people I met jkf

  • to edit personal pictures and transfer it from my computer to another within the family to share it and enjoy because kodak is no longer sharing

  • I need this program to transfer pictures from my Kodak 5.0 Mega Pixel camerial to website like facebook, email, etc. I had a disk that came with the camera but have misplaced it

What similar programs have you used?
  • i used the older version of easyshare from kodak but now discover that my camera will not download, i have new hard drive and no software to enable download of pictures

  • I have always used Kodak Easyshare for all the edits I have done. Simple and quick to use and out of habit it came with my first digital camera

  • photo explosion deluxe very useful many features great for organizing, editing and creativity. somewhat of a learning curve since it offers

  • The following is my best effort to rwemember what I have uswed in tne past I hope this is satiafactory Icannot remember any of the programs and I need to worrk with some pictures

  • None that I know of except what goes along with windows 7,Thats all I have unless something is installed somewhere on this computer,or I use notepad

What do you like most about this program?
  • ease of use, organisation opportunities, photo printing and how easy it imost of all i like the fact thAT IT IS FREE SOFTWARE AND POWERFULs to install.

  • everything, I have had on other computers and find it to be simple, familiar and better than Microsoft photo. I also need a program that I can name the file before downloading

  • easy to upload pics from digital camera without having limited space. i have tried it before and loved itwould love to download it again on my new pc

  • its are great program but had computer problems and now i can not get to my pictures so trying to recover them but having trouble and dont have a number to call

  • it is easy to use,flexible and excellent for someone who does not know much about computers or downloading pictures it is a fantastic program


Kodak EasyShare is a program which allows you to edit, organize and view your photos. It’s a simple way to share digital pictures and get creative without effort. This software is pretty easy to use, and offers the possibility of enhancing your pictures in several ways and creating photo gifts, from album pages to holiday cards or invitations.

This free download will allow you to share your pictures online or by email without large compressed files. Moreover, you can edit your pictures first. Kodak EasyShare offers some interesting tools to improve your photos and it also gives you the option of creating albums to organize your files. Although the program lacks of advanced photo editing tools, it comes with some other features to compensate this, such as the calendar or the picture tagging system.

How to use

Once you download Kodak EasyShare, you will be free to modify your photos in some different ways: delete red eyes, rotate the portraits, add some effects, improve the color balance or crop your pictures. Besides, this software comes with some templates to create greeting cards based on your photos in a simple way. The calendar enables a view of your pictures by date, which is very comfortable and helps you to keep your digital photo-library organized. Moreover, the software allows you to tag your photos so you can search for them later.

There is a Kodak gallery where you can upload your pictures, but also allows you to upload them to different websites directly without uploading your projects separately. This gallery offers the possibility of copying your photos to a digital picture frame, making it easier if you are not used to this kind of software.

Kodak EasyShare 8.3.0 Features

These are some of the features of this program:

  • Simple way for editing your pictures
  • With this program you can share your pictures on the Internet
  • Calendar view by date
  • Photo gift creator
  • You can organize your photos

If you need more information about this software, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements

You can see the minimum requirements to download and run this program:

  • Windows 2000 or higher
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • HDD: 200 MB free disk space
  • USB Port
  • Screen resolution: 800x600

  • Share your pictures in several ways
  • Good organizing photo files
  • Photo album creator
  • Your files will be organized by date (calendar view)
  • Tag system
  • Limited photo editing tools, similar programs offer more advanced ways to improve your images


Kodak EasyShare is a simple and efficient program to share and edit your pictures; even if you don’t need to edit anything, you can just upload them to Kodak gallery or your social networks directly from this software without effort. Other photo editors can offer more tools for you but, to be honest, this program has everything you need to turn a mediocre photo into a wonderful picture. If you want your photos to be organized or you need to share them with someone, this should be an easy decision for you.