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Google SketchUp Pro 2014

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By Dann Kamau

On Friday, May 22, 2015

Google SketchUp Pro 2014

This program is a later update of the Google SketchUp series. We can compare this fantastic program to a sharpened pencil with magical drawing powers. As a start you will draw your lines and shapes. Then you can push, pull, rotate and paint your drawing to make it into a 3D form drawing. This program is quite easy to use and professionals and non professionals alike all can use it with ease. The good thing about it is that it comes with step by step tutorials that explain very well its usage. It is a simple program to use even compared to its alternatives like Maya, 3D Max etc.

This is a program that is used in many fields like Architectural construction, Engineering Commercial Interiors, Light Construction, Landscaping art drawings, Kitchen/bathroom designs, Urban planning etc. Like all good software it integrates with others like Google Maps and Google Earth for sharing purposes. It comes with simple and very functional tools like drawing tools, 3D Modeling tools plus effects and textures.


  • -It is very simple to use
  • -It integrates with other programs like Google Map and Google Earth


  • Stiff competition from alternative programs with more advanced tools like Maya,
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An Amazing Tool That Allows You to Produce Professional 3D Designs

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Google SketchUp Pro 2014 is a simple yet outstanding tool that lets you explore and discover your ideas in 3D design. What I like about this 3D modeling program is that it provides better features than other CAD software out there. For me it is also easy to use and comprehend since it has an intuitive interface.

This program allows you to create 3D designs regardless if you want to start from scratch or to make use of an active file. It also has the capability to import pictures, drawings and any other images. I am also amazed that you can display your finished 3D works into Google Earth, so that world can see your creations.

In my opinion, everyone can use this program whether you are professional or even an aspiring 3D designer since there is a tutorial that will help you step by step. Overall, Google SketchUp Pro 2014 is a refreshing 3D modeling tool that provides powerful new features that can make you work much easier.


  • It has an intuitive interface
  • It has tutorials for beginner


  • Making vaulted surfaces can be complicated
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It Is the Most Reliable Tool in Creating 3D Drawings and Making Presentations

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, June 27, 2014

Google SketchUp Pro is a software tool which is designed to help all kinds of users to edit and create 3D models in an intuitive and fresh working environment. This application has a built-in editor that lets you make a 3D object from scratch, a style builder to customize your models in different ways and a layout designer which is used to combine your 3D models.

Google SketchUp Pro offers complete information with every editing tool that this application has, so even the first time user can easily set up dedicated parameters with less effort. This pro version of Google SketchUp is designed for all professional users who use CAD software that has a set of powerful features, and small on learning curves.

The Google SketchUp Pro proves to be one solid application that brings a complete set of tools that can help all the users to make a good design and style with their 3D models, as well as making presentations.


  • Enable to add text and graphics to the design
  • Complete information with every editing tool


  • The full version of this application is more expensive
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Changing license from one pc to next- we will be using it for operational management and contruction project planning and business developent

  • Im a Nursing student and since my hobby is painting and designing, i want to try the sketch up pro hoping to use it for a trial

  • I am going to use this program to model various types of architectural structures in order to learn more about design and the process behind buildings.

  • Im going to use google sketch up for education development. I have one more semester at college and need this program for my classes to help my design

  • I make stages for games and this porgram makes it very easy and most importantly, good-looking. It's by far the best modelling program I've ever used.

What similar programs have you used?
  • i have been using google sketchup for two yearsnow formy design works. I am an interior designer and i need this software to fully satisfy my clients with my design

What do you like most about this program?
  • i want to learn 3d interior as well as exterior designing practice if it is easy deffenetly purchase the full version and work on the same to

  • building 3D models for my interior design course in brisbane. Also it is very simple to use compared to others software, and the render is always nice

  • commercial projects of furniture manufacturing,making drawing for better presentation and analyses,to calculate cost ,and programming production process

  • it has automatic 3d system. it helps the designer to visualize their designs through this program. it also gives downloadable furnitures in the internet.

  • design and innovation for houses , beaches hotels condominiums restaurant parks bridges and any other areas of facilities. We expect the full


Google SketchUp Pro is a program that allows you to make 3D designs, which you can use in applications such as video games, films, architectural projects and others. The software has a lot of drawing tools, 3D modeling tools, effects and textures. You will be free to create your own drawings from scratch, or you will be able to use other user’s files and share your creations via the 3D gallery.

Other modeling tools like Maya or 3D Max need you to take some lessons before you start doing something. Don’t worry; Google SketchUp Pro is so much easier. Everybody can use this tool, beginners and professionals. The program comes with step-by-step tutorials, which will explain you how to use this graphic program correctly. This program was created to provide an experience closer to modeling with real objects, and every year it gets more users. It stands out for its speed and simplicity when creating 3D objects.

How to use

Google SketchUp is extremely easy to use. The whole program is very simple, intuitive and very useful. Its tools seem to be basic, but they are pretty functional. Once you start the download, all you have to do is play around with the tools. At first you may think it is complicated but after a few practice you can draw some shapes with the pencil tool, bend them and finally turn these shapes into 3D objects with ease! You can create basic 3D shapes without following any tutorial thanks to its user-friendly interface.

Also, Google SketchUp is compatible with other Google tools like Google Earth and Google Maps for locating your 3D design in the map. You are free to export 3D models in different 2D and 3D formats and use them with other applications. You can create documents, presentation files or full screen digital presentations.

Google SketchUp Pro 2014 Features

Below you can find the unique features this software includes in its version:

  • Push/pull selected faces
  • Model geo-location compatible with Google Maps and Google Earth
  • Color imagery
  • Match Photo enhancement
  • Precise move in layout

If you want to know more about Google SketchUp, feel free to visit the developer’s website here .

System Requirements to download and use this program

Minimum system requirements to download and run Google SketchUp are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • PROCESSOR: Windows: 1 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 512 MB
  • HARD DRIVE SPACE: 300 MB, for Windows 7 and Vista: 16 GB
  • VIDEO: Windows X, 3D-capable video card with at least 128MB of memory


Everybody can use Google SketchUp without knowing this kind of programs. You just have to follow one the step-by-step tutorials. You can draw and create 3D objects in a few clicks. Moreover, those objects will be compatible with other handy tools created by the same developer like Google Maps or Google Earth. After that you will be able of adding your shapes to anywhere you want with advanced results.

  • Intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Compatible with tools from the same family
  • Comes with tutorials for novice users
  • Allows 3D designs
  • Simple and powerful tools
  • Although this one is great, other programs like C4D or Maya can do the same, and they have more advanced options.