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Big City Adventure: San Francisco

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • play and to enjoy playing such an amazing game and i really adore it cause it helps learning new things words and also visting great places.

  • I am going to use the program for the education mental because big city adventure san francisco from our server advantages ; with search here

What similar programs have you used?
  • nothing i did not used anything similar to big city adventure san francisco because it is the best and the greatest game i have ever seen so

What do you like most about this program?

  • The question is what do you like most about this program? The things that I like is because they plan with your brain and its awesome socool

  • its´s so fun to play. Im in love! it teaches you about the city as well. Great to take off your mind of routine. My little bro taught me about it and since then ive been hooked up


Big City Adventure: San Francisco belongs to the category of hidden object games. This game is interesting for the hard-to-find fans, sharing all type of facts about San Francisco and 20 of its places. The game is composed of 120 rounds where the player has to find thousands of items.

While the characters are not the most remarkable part of the game, the graphics and the interface are some of the features that the players usually like of this game. In addition, the environmental sounds and the music are great; the player likes replaying because some items and the list of them change every time you play and the locations vary.


Your main task is to locate the objects listed before the time starts running. If you click an item which is not in the list of things that the player should find, the game shows a graphic symbol. When you find the objects you earn a tab that appears in one side of the map. After this, the tabs continue appearing until the three sides of the screen are covered. Another feature that will help you to progress in the game is earning “Quick Find Bonus” points because of completing various moves quickly.

Besides, this hidden object game offers several minigames. For instance, the classic one about memorize the location of some objects, another about match several objects with their respective mate, or some puzzle-based minigames among some others. Thus, you will never get bored playing this kind of games since it provides you with different ways of entertainment.

Big City Adventure: San Francisco Features

Below you will see its outstanding features:

  • A great amount of objects to find
  • 120 levels divided into 60 treasure hunting levels and 60 minigame levels such as puzzles, find the match, etc.
  • 60 Postcards to find in levels
  • 60 facts about San Francisco to discover
  • Very detailed San Francisco landscapes with a beautiful art design
  • Relaxing and beautiful background sound
  • Possibility of choosing among 6 characters
  • Ever changing objects lists

If you are interested in this game and you want to know more information about it before you download it, feel free to visit the developer's website .

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements needed to properly download and play this game:

  • Operating system: Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 500 MHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 96 MB
  • Video: 16 Bit color or higher compatible with DirectX 7.0
  • Sound: Card compatible with DirectX
  • Hard Drive space: 25 MB free available


If you like hidden object games and also you want to enjoy the beautiful view of the city of San Francisco, Big City Adventure: San Francisco is a good download for you. This game will provide you with hours and hours of fun and entertainment thanks to its 120 levels that you are free to repeat since the objects change their place every time you play the level. Besides, its minigames offer a great variety in which you cannot get bored.