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An awesome strategy, first person shooter game from the Battlefield series

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 20, 2014

Battlefield 2 is an exciting and thrilling first person shooter that combines elements of FPS with strategy. I’ve been playing this game for a while now and here are my thoughts. Battlefield 2 feels like Counterstrike mixed with GTA. I compared it with CS because I haven’t really played the other previous Battlefields. Nonetheless, when I first laid hands on Battlefield 2, I was instantly hooked. I have a choice between playing the United States of China, the Middle Eastern Coalition and America.

Battlefield 2 allows for single player and multiplayer gaming modes. In the single player mode, players will choose their country and will fight against the 2 other factions. Multiplayer mode can be played on the local area network or on the Internet online. Each player will have a limited number of tickets. The tickets represent an army’s ability to strengthen their position on the engagement area. Your objective is to reduce and eliminate the enemy team’s tickets. I discovered that game play is smooth and engaging. I can switch from one type of player to another. I could also commandeer the many different combat vehicles available in my army’s arsenal. I spend hours and hours playing the game and there are many different scenarios that can emerge.

All in all, Battlefield 2 is an exciting and truly must-have first person shooter game. I highly recommend this download.


  • A wide array of modern weapons can be used by the player
  • Combat vehicles can be commandeered very realistically


  • You need high level PC specs to experience the game at its best



no more in door fighting only field battles dont ne the first to surrender

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014



This is a shooter video game developed by digital illusions and published by electronic arts.The context in this game is a modern battle field and they use modern weapons.Different countries are involved in the fight which include china,united states,middle east among others.Players in this game can either choose to play as united states marine cops,army for liiberation or coalition for the middle east.As one advances in the game one unlocks addition weapons which are more powerful to be able to fight the enemy.The main objective of players in this game is to reduce the thickets of their enemies so as to prevent a possible chance of reinforcement.


over 100 players

improved graphics

has a 3d speech.

realistic behaviour for all the aspects and also characters.

system requirements

The minimum system requirements for battle field 2 for a pc are:

operating system windows xp or later.

memory ram 1gb

processor 1.7 ghz


battle field 2 contains players who behave real and also voice aspects of 3d and its a good game than its predecessors.


  • quality graphics which make the game real
  • good lighting that makes things in the game visible


  • the game is somehow oudie



shoot your enemies and kill them using some modern weapons

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Wednesday, January 7, 2015


This is a video game for shooting developed by digital electronics Arts. Modern weapons are used and different countries are involved in different fights. When playing one has to choose which country to play and as it advances additional weapons are unlocked to enhance your strength after reaching a certain target. The objective of the player is to reduce the opponents.When i played this game at first i thought it was like other games so i decided to play it but it was different and i really had fun i recommend everyone to download and play it.So you have to shoot your enemies and kill them so that you can finish and win the game.


• It has improved graphics which enhance you as a player to see properly your opponent and target.

• It has a 3D speech for your proper hearing.

• It has over 100 players


• It has a good game to play.

• The game appears more real.

• The 3D speech is really great.


  • t has quality graphics which make it so real
  • The lighting is really good such that it makes it really visible


  • it is so much addictive
  • it causes one to waste alot of time




What do you like most about this program?
  • that i can look first and thats important if i like the game i do not have lots of money so this is for me a angel from heaven and the site is beathiful


Battlefield 2 is the third release of the first-person shooter game Battlefield published by Electronic Arts and developed by Digital Illusions CE. This download includes a single player mode with three difficulty levels and an online multiplayer mode using the Internet or a LAN connection. All modes have the same maps and gameplay: to conquer different empires and fulfill missions. In the single player campaign you can play with only sixteen bots players and with sixty four in the multiplayer mode.

This new title of the saga brings new weaponry and completely realistic vehicles and character movements. The possibility of playing online with friends makes this game a quite addictive option despite its high system requirements. Battlefield 2 offers twelve maps to play with poor diversity but with the same essence and intense gameplay. Its new game engine also has brought an improved graphical aspect as well as the sound section which truly recreate a real war environment. Once you get into the game you must remember that you are not alone and it has a unique teamwork system difficult to see in other FPS game.

Get into the war

In Battlefield 2 you can choose between three armies: U.S. Marines, China or the Middle Eastern Coalition. The game takes place in a fictional world war between US, Russia and China in the near future (you can also play additional factions with some available expansions packs like Special Forces, Euro Force or Armored Fury). This release offers 15 playable maps which go from urban environments to desert areas that you can also record thanks to its built-in battle recorder. As you fulfill missions you can obtain special recognition awards that can be used to unlock new weapons.

In the Commander Mode you can be the chief of your team –usually this role is taken by the players who are at the top of the rank- and control your strategy. You will be able to communicate with the rest of the players by sending requests or even by VoIP. By being the commander you can climb the ladder in the rank and become the most powerful player in the statistics.

There is a large list of vehicles that any player can control in Battlefield 2: helicopters, tanks, fighter planes, boats and others until twenty-five types. Furthermore, you can choose your type of soldier among: assault, doctor, sniper, engineer or others. The objective is creating an equilibrated team with some types of soldiers because all are important and necessary to win. The design tries to be as realistic as it is possible, so the soldiers won’t have superpowers, just a good strategy to survive.

Battlefield 2 Features

The unique features of Battlefield 2 are listed below:

  • New graphic engine with a more realistic gameplay
  • A wide range of vehicles to choose from: squads, LAV-25, BTR-90, naval ships like the USS Essex, WZ 551, etc.
  • Multiplayer online mode
  • Exclusive enhanced weaponry in Battlefield 2
  • Two game modes: Conquest and Cooperative
  • 15 playable locations
  • Players can select their type of soldiers (Medics, Engineers, Support groups, grenade-launchers, assault soldiers, etc.)

If you want to know more information of this free download version, check the official website .

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements you have to bear in mind before the download of this free trial of Battlefield 2 are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or higher
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 512 RAM
  • Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce FX 5700 128 MB video card or equivalent
  • Hard Disk Space: 6 GB of free space
  • Compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Internet connection for multiplayer mode